01. My daughter just [adores] her new baby brother.
02. We just got a kitten that is absolutely [adorable].
03. The young man gazed at his new girlfriend in total [adoration] as they walked hand in hand down the street.
04. An Italian poet once remarked to his love, "I would rather have you hate me for telling you the truth than [adore] me for telling you lies."
05. Princess Diana waved good-bye to the [adoring] crowd as she boarded the plane.
06. Have you seen Kayla's new baby? She's just [adorable]!
07. Sylvia looked [adorable] in her new dress for her sixth birthday party.
08. We saw an [adorable] puppy at a garage sale, and bought it for my daughter as a surprise.
09. The Princess stopped to wave to the [adoring] crowd as she got into the car.
10. We have an [adorable] picture of my children hugging each other.
11. Someone once suggested that to some people the best pet is not the dog that [adores] you, but the cat that ignores you.
12. Your new baby is just [adorable]. You and your husband are so lucky!
13. My daughter [adores] sitting by the fire on a cold winter night.
14. Someone once joked, "Remember, the most [adorable] bride of today will be someone's mother-in-law in the future."
15. In February of 1964, hundreds of police officers were needed to hold back 3,000 [adoring], screaming teenage fans who were awaiting the arrival at the New York airport of Britain's top rock and roll group, The Beatles.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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